Ray Anthony & PowerSlyde

Contemporary Jazz / Funk on the patio and in the Atrium!

I tell you, I have watched the trombone become a major funk player in smooth jazz over the years, stepping up and taking the lead on some of the most masterful projects to hit the music scene. Happening now on the scene are Ray Anthony & Powerslyde with their new release Have Fun. 

Loaded with feel-good funky grooves and rhythms, these guys are sure to be household names as soon as their brand catches fire – and it will if they persist. There’s that special unnamed “something” that’s inherent in the magic spell of their music that speaks to the very certainty of success with the smooth jazz masses if they massage this style and sound of theirs and allow it to seep into the consciousness and soul of jazzers everywhere. This is quality and skill neatly wrapped in a supercool package. “In the pocket” doesn’t even begin to describe the magnetism of this group. They hit hard and often with tunes that are simply irresistible and colorful. 

The funky lead track “Mr. Sauce” is one you can expect to hear a lot as it’s expected to be the hot single – deservedly so. Of course, I can count any number of hot tracks here that could have filled that bill. There’s the equally funky “Do 4 U,” the swaying, confidently-steppin’ hook-rich “Night Abraxas,” the snappy funksterSlydeways,” and so many others. Yes, it’s that kind of CD. As I said earlier: Loaded. 

The supercharged title track calls on you to do just that – “Have Fun” – and this album makes sure that you do. You can’t help doing so as you feel your body doing its own thing to this contagious mover and shaker. 

This is a very well-rounded project in every area from production to composition to the playing of instruments (especially, of course, the trombone), and the overall concept. 

There’s nothing like great music that’s great stuff from beginning to end and touches you where you live every step of the way. This album does that. I’ve adopted this as one of my fave complete albums! Experience it! – Ronald Jackson 



Jul 25 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Atrium and Patio at Savoy
The Atrium and Patio at Savoy