Shane Wallin

Soulful Americana on the patio and in the Atrium!

Shane Wallin is a New Mexico based writer, singer-songwriter & performer. Voted Top Musicians, Best Musician, Best Male Vocalist & Best Singer Songwriter in New Mexico by Albuquerque The Magazine.  

Shane has toured the Southwestern, United States extensively since 2010. Shane played over 300 show dates in 2017 all across the United States.  He is a prolific singer-songwriter. In 2010 Shane released his first full length EP “This Year Has Changed Me”a record that he wrote, recorded and produced himself. The release received much regional acclaim in the Southwest, earning him “Best Singer-Songwriter” in New Mexico (2011) after its release. 

In 2015 Shane released his first five-song studio EP “FREE” which was written by Shane and produced by the veteran and multiple Grammy Award winning producer & engineer, Stacy Parrish.  With “FREE” the “New Mexico-based singer-songwriter, creates reflective narratives rich in hooks, heart and authenticity”, said Dan Kimpel, Americas Foremost Authority on Singers & Songwriters.  The 2015 release included the extensive cast of Jack Casady, (Jefferson Airplane founder & Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee), Wally Ingram (Sheryl Crow, Bonny Raitt), Arnold McCuller (James Taylor), Roger Love (John Mayer, Maroon Five) and Ryan Martino to name just a few.  

Wallin is a graduate of The University Of New Mexico, with a degree in Comparative Theology & English Literature. These multilayered influences can be experienced in great depth on Shane’s newest album. 

“Philosophy has had a big impact on the way that I write songs and how they are going to affect people.  In Eastern Philosophy they emphasize the law of karma, that whatever you give out comes back to you. This has a huge impact on everything that I do. In my songwriting I always want to be positive so that the positive comes back.” 


Jul 13 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The Atrium and Patio at Savoy
The Atrium and Patio at Savoy